Reserve a Branch Meeting Room

Before booking a branch meeting room, please read the Branch Meeting Room Guidelines carefully. When you reserve a room you agree to follow these rules. We may suspend your use of meeting rooms for up to 6 months if you fail to do so.

Reserving a branch meeting room is easy. Just go to our Spaces room reservation system, create an account and then you can use the website to make and manage your branch meeting room reservations. If you would like more instructions on how to use the site, you can take a short tutorial that walks you through the steps for reserving a meeting room.

About Meeting Rooms

Many branches have meeting rooms you can reserve.

The NewHolly Branch also has a meeting room that is shared with another organization available to the public. To reserve this room, please contact the branch directly.

To learn more, please read our Branch Meeting Room Guidelines and Facilities & Meeting Rooms Use Policy.

About Study Rooms

If you are looking for a study room to use on your own or with a small group, you can find one at many of our branches. These rooms are free to use and can accommodate two to six people. Most of these study rooms are available on a first come, first served basis, but some require reservations.

To learn more, please read our Branch Meeting Room Guidelines and Facilities & Meeting Rooms Use Policy.

Meeting rooms at branches

Do meeting rooms have tables and chairs?

Yes, most meeting rooms have tables, chairs and whiteboards that you can use.

Will the Library help me set up my meeting room?

Please feel free to arrange the tables and chairs as you would like. We do not have staff to help you do this, but you can call the branch to find out if you can come early to set up the room for your meeting. Please do not move anything out of meeting room, and return the room to its original set up when you have finished your meeting. 

Where should I tell people coming to my meeting to park?

Most branches have free parking areas that people can use on a first come, first served basis. Branches are close to many public transit routes.

How do I reserve a room?

To reserve a meeting room at one of our branches, create an account in our Spaces room reservation system. Once you have confirmed your account, you can use the website to make and manage your meeting room reservations. You can learn more about how to make a room reservations by watching this video. To reserve the shared meeting room at the New Holly Branch, please contact them directly. You can also rent rooms and event spaces at the Central Library.

How far in advance can I reserve a branch meeting room?

You can reserve a branch meeting room up to 120 days in advance. If you have a special event that requires long lead times, contact the branch manager for help. You may be able to reserve a room up to one year in advance.

How often may I reserve a branch meeting room?

You can reserve meeting rooms for a total of 10 hours each month across all branch library locations. The monthly hours begin on the day of your first reservation. This means if you have reserved a meeting room for five hours on March 5, you can reserve an additional room for 5 hours before April 5.

Can I reserve a meeting room for a weekly or monthly meeting?

Branch meeting rooms are popular places for people to meet. Please use them only for one-time meetings and events and not for regular weekly or monthly meetings.

What are the meeting room cancellation rules?

Branch meeting rooms are popular, so it is important to cancel your reservation if you do not need it. Just contact the branch at least seven days prior to the date of your reservation and let us know that you do not need the room.

What happens if my meeting is delayed?

You have up to 30 minutes after your reservation time to arrive to the meeting room. If you have not arrived by that time, we will cancel your reservation.

Are there charges for using a branch meeting room?

There is no fee for using a meeting room or study room at a branch. 

Does the Library ever cancel reservations?

Not often, but sometimes we do need to cancel reservations if:

  • We need to limit the number of events taking place at the same time in the branches.
  • We need to use the meeting room for a Library event.

If you have a meeting room reservation that we need to cancel, we will do everything we can to let you know 30 days before your meeting and help you reserve another room.

What are the rules about using branch meeting rooms?

You can hold almost any kind of meeting in the branch meeting rooms. The most important rules are:

  • Your meeting must be open to everyone.
  • You must allow Library staff and any other person to enter your meeting at any time.
  • When you are using a meeting room, please make sure you do not:
    • Advertise or sell products, memberships or services.
    • Ask for fees, donations or money for any reason.
    • Ask for contact information from attendees so that you can advertise or sell them something.

You also should follow our Branch Meeting Room GuidelinesFacilities & Meeting Rooms Use PolicyRules of Conduct.

Does the Library charge a fee for damages?

Yes, we will charge you a damage fee within 10 days of your event if:

  • Your meeting group leaves used paper goods, food or other trash anywhere other than in the trash and recycling bins in the meeting room.
  • After your meeting, the room requires cleaning beyond the normal Library cleaning service. 
  • Your meeting group damages the room beyond normal wear and tear.

We may also charge a fee if your event runs longer than your reserved time.

Can I use the branch telephone number as the contact number for my meeting?

Please give your attendees your phone number or that of your organization so they can ask questions and get in touch with you. We cannot take messages for you or answer questions over the phone about your meeting.

What are the rules about signs and decorations?

We understand that signs and decorations often are important to a meeting. Before you hang anything inside or outside the meeting room, please ask the branch manager to approve all your banners, signs, and decorations. The branch manager also can show you the areas in the Library where you can hang them. All signs and decorations must meet the City of Seattle's Safety and Fire Standards.

If you have a question or need help, Ask Us or call 206-386-4636.