• The Book of Dragons

    The Book of Dragons

    Strahan, Jonathan (EDT)/ Cai, Rovina (ILT)

    These are not your typical dragon stories and this anthology defies expectations as it delights, with the reigning voices in the fantasy field from Ken Liu to R. F. Kuang to Garth Nix

    Format: Book

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  • The Angel of the Crows

    The Angel of the Crows

    Addison, Katherine

    Two supernatural beings join forces with Inspector Lestrade to apprehend the Whitechapel murderer in this surprising and thoroughly original Jack the Ripper retelling.

    Format: Book

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  • Ninth House

    Ninth House

    Bardugo, Leigh

    Recruited to Yale’s House of Lethe to monitor the magical doings of the school’s powerful secret societies, Galaxy “Alex” Stern’s rare ability to see ghosts gives her unique insight into the seemingly random murder of a young student.

    Format: Book

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  • Peace Talks

    Peace Talks

    Butcher, Jim

    In the latest in the Dresden Files, wizard Harry Dresden settles into a sweet place in his personal life when the Chicago underworld rises against him in this humorous, action-filled noir.

    Format: Book

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  • King of the Rising

    King of the Rising

    Callender, Kacen

    Winner of the 2020 World Fantasy Award, this sequel to Queen of the Conquered plunges into the midst of a rebellion where former slave Loren Jannik leads the battle against tyranny and oppression.

    Format: Book

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  • The Empire of Gold

    The Empire of Gold

    Chakraborty, S. A.

    The final installment of this epic trilogy finds Nahri and Ali in 18th century Egypt, where the actions and secrets of their ancestors are finally brought to light, forcing both to reckon with their pasts and make crucial decisions about their futures.

    Format: Book

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  • Ring Shout

    Ring Shout

    Clark, P. Djèlí

    Cosmic horror abounds in this novella about Ku Kluxes, demonic KKK members, and the resourceful band of Black women, fresh from their undercover stint with the Harlem Hellfighters, who fight them.

    Format: Book

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  • Piranesi


    Clarke, Susanna

    Trapped in a labyrinthian house composed of infinite rooms, Piranesi assists the Other, the house’s second occupant, who is obsessed with A Great and Secret Knowledge. When Piranesi is contacted by a third person, it threatens to unseat the balance of power and Piranesi’s own reality.

    Format: Book

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  • Magic for Liars

    Magic for Liars

    Gailey, Sarah

    PI Ivy Gamble has a twin she hasn’t spoken to for years, but when a murder occurs at the magic school where her sister teaches, their paths cross again with dramatic and unexpected consequences.

    Format: Book

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  • The Archive of the Forgotten

    The Archive of the Forgotten

    Hackwith, A. J.

    In this high-concept sequel to The Library of the Forgotten, damaged books in the Library of the Unwritten have leaked their collective ink into a deep pool of tremendous power.

    Format: Book

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