• Words Like Thunder

    Words Like Thunder

    Beardslee, Lois

    Presented as an interconnected sequence of "new and used Anishinaabe prayers," Beardslee's timely debut places age-old poetic traditions in dialogue with contemporary ones. -- Publishers Weekly

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  • 13th Balloon

    13th Balloon

    Bibbins, Mark

    The achingly beautiful fourth collection from Bibbins (They Don't Kill You Because They're Hungry, They Kill You Because They're Full) is a book-length elegy to a lover who died of AIDS-related complications in 1992. -- Publishers Weekly

    Format: Book

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  • All Heathens

    All Heathens

    Chan, Marianne

    Chan’s skillful debut is a lustrous collage of first-person, persona, and epistle poems populated with Filipino holiday reenactments, Catholic saints, karaoke, a chorus of family members, and the dead who insist on return and whose memory drives the speaker to seek a world beyond the colonialist history of her home country. -- Publishers Weekly

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  • Obit


    Chang, Victoria

    In her fifth collection, Guggenheim Fellowship winner Chang (The Boss) uses an unusual subject--obituaries--to shed light on what qualities make for a good life as well as a passable death. -- Library Journal

    Format: Book

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  • Wicked Enchantment

    Wicked Enchantment

    Coleman, Wanda

    “Wicked Enchantment,” which selects poems from the books Coleman published with Black Sparrow Press between 1979 and 2001, provides a fantastically entertaining and deeply engaging introduction to a poet whose talent and significance were not fully appreciated during her lifetime. -- The Washington Post

    Format: Book

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  • Guillotine


    Corral, Eduardo C.

    In his latest, corruscatingly brilliant collection, Yale Younger Poet Corral (Slow Lightning) communicates a sense of loss and betrayal along the Mexican-American border in a multivoiced narrative that becomes a single story, a single low wail. -- Library Journal

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  • Cardinal


    Daye, Tyree

    Throughout, Daye investigates where Black people can find safety in a racist America, while memorably cataloguing each area’s complexities and rewards in quiet, nuanced meditations. -- Publishers Weekly

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  • Postcolonial Love Poem

    Postcolonial Love Poem

    Diaz, Natalie

    In this exquisite, electrifying collection, Diaz (When My Brother Was an Aztec) studies the body through desire and the preservation of Native American lives and cultures, suggesting that to exist as a Native in a world with a history of colonization and genocide is itself a form of protest and celebration. -- Publishers Weekly

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  • Love Child's Hotbed of Occasional Poetry

    Love Child's Hotbed of Occasional Poetry

    Finney, Nikky

    National Book Award--winner Finney (Head Off & Split) returns with her first collection in a decade, artfully interweaving memories from her life with episodes from throughout black history. -- Publishers Weekly

    Format: Book

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  • Be Holding

    Be Holding

    Gay, Ross

    Shaped as a single poem in a long sentence of center-justified couplets, the drama of this unfolding sentence is impeccable, a suspension that mirrors its subject: basketball Hall-of-Famer Julius Erving’s midair “baseline scoop” in the 1980 NBA finals. -- Publishers Weekly

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